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All main curriculum classes train the student vs. single and multiple oppoenents with and without weapons. Training focuses on the individual and function through a wide range of motion. We train without the ego.
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Core Jeet Kune Do Academy, Oldsmar Florida, 34677  (813) 817-6229, (727) 741-0558
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Cardio Kickboxing Free. Monday nights, 6-7 pm. Yes, we said free. Class size is limited. First come, first serve. This is a structured class where you will learn actual kicking and boxing techniques from Jun Fan, Muay Thai, and Savate. Great cardio and skill training.  Bootcamp Our cardio-strength training bootcamp is like no other. We focus on conditioning and strengthening the body through a wide range of motion that directly supports us in the fight game. You start at your own pace and progress to levels you never knew you could reach. Conditioning and skills gained here transfer to any physical sport or activity you may do. Standup Standup curriculum is for the practioner who wishes to stay in the standup ranges: weapons, kicking, boxing, trapping and clinch. Basic ground defenses are taught with the purpose of getting back to standing.  Grappling Grappling curriculum is for the practioner who wishes to engage and control the grappling ranges: close-range boxing, trapping, clinch, and ground. Emphasis is on mobility and top dominant control. Weapons Weapons curriculum trains defense, attack, and control of gun, stick, knife and rope (any flexible weapon) in all the ranges. Street Street classes are geared toward bare-bones street survival training. It includes training and conditioning for situational defense vs single and multiple attackers with and without weapons. Kids Kids classes are a combination of the Standup and Ground curriculum. Emphasis is on getting the child into their body with conditioing training that helps focus and discipline the mind and attitude.  Private Training Private training allows you to choose those ranges or skills you would like to learn or enhance in a one-on-one setting. We tailor your training to help you realize your goals in the most efficient way possible for your physiology.
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