Core Jeet Kune Do is based on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts. Shaun Rudie was trained under the lineage of Dan Inosanto, including training from Sifu Francis Fong, Master Ajarn Chai, Erik Paulson, Professor Salem Assli, Cass Magda, Rigan Machado and others. Mr. Rudie formulated Core JKD over 20 years. It has been battle-tested for civilian, military, and law-enforcement use in a variety of environments. Core Jeet Kune Do is functional training for the individual in all ranges against resisting single or multiple opponents with or without weapons - without the ego. All information on this site is copyright Shaun Rudie 2012, all rights reserved. No part of this site may be copied or reproduced in any form without express written consent of Shaun Rudie.